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Zoo Babies at The Cincinnati Zoo

May means babies at the Cincinnati Zoo! If you’re able to visit this month, be on the lookout for the six-foot-tall stork statues that mark the spots where babies can be found. We visited yesterday and the highlights were 10, (yes 10!) Painted Dog Pups, who happened to all be piled up against the glass and three Malaysian tiger cubs in the Night Hunters building. They were so much fun to watch; coming up to the glass frequently and wrestling and smacking each other with their GIANT paws. We also saw a baby armadillo in the nursery and two giraffes and a red panda elsewhere.

Other Zoo Babies include three bonobos, two gorillas, a bongo, a takin, a serval, two capybaras, a rough green snake, giant spiny leaf insects, thorny devils, little penguin chicks and kea chicks. According to the zoo it’s the largest and most varied group of babies in the thirty-year history of Zoo Babies.

See them all this month before they grow up!


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