West Side Gem: West Fork Park

If you’re a parent with young children, you likely have a playground (or two) that you tend to visit when your kids need to burn off some steam. Neighborhood parks are great for this, but I have noticed that after about 30-45 minutes, my kids start to wander, looking for another form of stimulation. Another thing that you may not think of while you’re watching your kids play is that the playground environment can be overwhelming and difficult for children with sensory disabilities, or really a disability of any kind.

West Fork Park in Green Township recognized all of these concerns and made extreme plans to solve every playground issues possible. And if you’ve paid a visit to West Fork Park, then you know they’ve succeeded.


West Fork Park is unlike any other playground in the city. It more than meets the accessibility guidelines put in place by playground experts and it is truly a place space for everyone. Each zone has been purposefully planned and the playground as a whole was specifically built to keep the attention of children for longer than 30 minutes and to meet the needs of all children.

There are 8 play zones within the park and my kids (ranging from ages 1-8) enjoy every single one of them.

In addition to these areas, there’s a large covered picnic area, clean bathrooms (with a changing station!) and a decent size parking lot (it can get crowded). The zones include areas like an infant/toddler play area with two imaginative play houses, a colorful maze that also has texture to its walls for those children with sensory issues, a 14-foot mega tower with plenty of chances to climb and slide and perhaps the best feature – a zip line!

Another favorite zone is a turf hill with two metal slides and two tunnels. These features are very intentional, as the metal slides allow children with cochlear implants to still enjoy them and children who become over stimulated can take a break inside the tunnels.

There is just so much to love about this unbelievably charming playground. As a parent, one of my favorite things is that there is no mulch or dirt — which also means no mud! (The soft green turf is perfect for my newly mobile toddler.) There are benches around the space and it’s the perfect size so you can easily keep an eye on your kids.


West Fork Park is one of those places in Cincinnati that is so worth the drive, no matter where you live. Having four kids at different stages and with various interests, it can be nearly impossible to find a playground that makes everyone happy. West Fork Park is one of those rare unicorns. Make a day of it and check out this beautifully inclusive park in Cincinnati that provides vibrant fun for every member of your family.

West Fork Park is located at 4764 West Fork Road, Cincinnati, OH 45247. Click here to visit the park’s website and to learn more about this one-of-a-kind playground.

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