The Nature Playscape at Summit Park

Have you been to the Nature Playscape at Summit Park?

Summit Park is our favorite park in town – and somehow, it keeps getting better! First came the playground – which is amazing. Then, the bike trails, which are perfect for families. The Observation Tower opened in 2018 and is such a fun, unique attraction.

The Nature Playscape at Summit Park is the park’s newest addition, and it is just the coolest.


Summit Park’s Nature Playscape is expansive and features natural materials such as water, sand, mud, sticks and timber. Over the last few months, my kids and I have watched as log forts, ropes courses,¬†two zip lines¬†and kid-sized creek have come together into something truly magical.

We were eager to check it out.

I was blown away at how much there was for kids. The Nature Playscape has elements for younger and older kids, and everything is so inviting and exciting. Harvey loves to climb trees, so he excitedly tackled the various log structures. If your kids like climbing, there is so much here for them! Between the ropes and logs, my little monkey was totally in his element.

Of course, the two zip lines didn’t hurt. These zip lines are quite long and so much fun — parents, get ready to move because you’ll be pulling your kids back and forth endlessly, laughing as your kids delight in zipping through the park.


There’s also a rope spinner that was a huge hit with Harvey and his preschool friends.

And over on the other side of the Playscape, kid-sized “Lincoln Logs” to construct forts, a “hobbit” hole that literally burrows under a hill and a huge sand area with a digger.

And then, there’s what I think is the coolest element of the Nature Playscape – the water. It’s a shallow creek with rocks and dams, where kids can get dirty and interact with the environment. It was full of kids, laughing and splashing.

Harvey gleefully stomped through the water and had so much fun splashing rocks and manipulating the water flow. We saved this for last, and he could have splashed all day. (He had Natives on – and I brought an extra set of clothes. Definitely bring extra clothes because your kids will get wet!)

The Nature Playscape at Summit Park is open daily from dawn to dusk – and it’s free. Summit Park is truly one of the best places to take your family in Cincinnati, and this new Nature Playscape is something special that you definitely need to check out.

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