The Loveland Bike Trail

This spring, I finally bit the bullet and got my three kids their own bikes. (Thanks, yard sales!) So this summer, we’ve been riding all over the place, exploring playgrounds and parks with new purpose. We love the new bike trail at Summit Park, and have taken our bikes to Madeira Middle School (there’s a bike loop at the park behind it!) and all over the streets of Montgomery.

But the best part about having kids on wheels is that now we have access to one of Cincinnati’s greatest gems: The Loveland Bike Trail.

The Loveland Bike Trail is 70 miles long with connections to well over 100 miles. It connects Loveland, Milford, Newtown, Miami Township & Lebanon and winds through scenic Southwest Ohio along the Little Miami River.

The trail itself is shaded and has two lanes. It’s mostly flat and quite wide, which makes the trail accessible for little riders as well as experienced cyclists.

Going on a weekday afternoon is the perfect time for a visit, as the trail tends to be less crowded. You can park right in downtown Loveland (for free, in many places), just steps from the actual trail. (We park on Railroad Avenue, a quaint little street which has bike rentals and a Hawaiian Ice shack.) Nisbet Park has a really nice playground right across from the Railroad Avenue parking lot, which makes for a fun incentive at the end of your ride!

We usually bike about 30 minutes in one direction, then turn around and bike back. You can find a map of the trail here.

The Loveland Bike Trail is a fun way to spend an active afternoon with your kids. This unique Cincinnati destination is a must during the summer! Since the trail is 70 miles long and has many towns and stops along the way, you can cater your ride to suit younger or older kids. I look forward to lots more family bike rides on the Loveland Bike Trail in the coming years!

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