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Get Your Kicks at Soccer City

Ok, so it hasn’t been as cold and snowy as winters past. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t had more than our fair share of gloomy, overcast days. Which is why we all, young and old, need to find ways to burn off some steam and feel those endorphins that seemed to abandon us sometime around the first frost last fall.

This time of year is the perfect time to find an indoor facility near you where you can do just that. There are several around the city but I’ll mention one that’s near me — Soccer City.

My daughter has been playing indoor soccer there during the winter for many years now. They typically have a session that starts in the fall and ends in January, then a second session that starts up shortly after, ending in March.

In addition to leagues for both youth and adults, they also offer flag football and lacrosse, as well as camps, parties and field rentals.

And even if you’re not playing, it’s a fun place to spectate. There’s plenty of seating and concessions.

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