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Adoption Circle

Adoption Circle is a non-profit Ohio adoption agency licensed by the state. Our Agency was founded on the heart-felt belief that all children have the right to love, security and a nurturing home; the foundation necessary to become a healthy, happy and productive adult. Our Agency specializes in adoption services for newborns and children up to six months of age.

As Cincinnati’s first fertility center, we possess the clinical expertise to help you reach your goal of parenthood and the compassion to ease the journey. We offer:

A long-standing reputation for leading-edge fertility solutions – provided with individualized, honest and respectful care
Board-certified physicians and a sophisticated Reproductive Studies Lab that combine to offer you the Tristate’s most recognized team of infertility experts.
Some of the highest IVF success rates in the area and nation.
An impressive history of new technologies first.

The UC Health Center for Reproductive Health is the only comprehensive patient care and research center focused on infertility in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our mission is to provide advanced reproductive, endocrine and infertility care in a supportive, compassionate and patient-centered environment. We use a personalized approach to provide both comprehensive and consistent planning toward the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic and fertility issues.

Clermont for Kids

Clermont County CPS has over 370 children in our care and 100+ foster/adoptive homes. The agency and the children desperately need more families who might be willing to open up their hearts and their homes as foster/adoptive parents. Please complete the Foster Care / Adoption Inquiry Form or call 732.7765 to speak to someone about this opportunity.

Focus on Youth

Focus on Youth, Inc., founded and incorporated on February 5, 1992, is a non- profit, faith based foster care and adoption agency. The primary services provided by Focus on Youth, Inc. are:

Recruitment and licensing quality foster homes, both traditional and treatment foster care
Matching skilled families to youth for placement  according the special needs of the youth
Provision of mental health therapy for youth and families
Professional training and development programs for foster parents, adoptive parents, and licensed social workers

Most of our kids who are available and waiting for adoption in Hamilton County are older than 10. Younger kids usually are adopted by their extended family or their foster parents. The younger kids who are available for adoption are typically parts of sibling groups. The children in our care have experienced some level of abuse or neglect, or they come from families who are not able to care for them because of unfortunate circumstances. Being in foster care has allowed HCJFS to provide for their safety and well-being. But in spite of all they’ve been through, the children in our care are much like any others. They like to hang out with their friends, they have favorite toys and TV shows. They also have hopes and dreams – especially for permanent, loving families that will provide them with the safety, stability and unconditional commitment that they deserve. They need you now.

We exist to support kids. The official mission of Lighthouse Youth Services is to advance the dignity and well-being of children, youth, and families in need. Our programs and services encourage good citizenship, responsible behavior, and self-reliance so that challenges today don’t dictate whether children succeed tomorrow.

11156 Canal Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45241
Foster Care, Adoption, Mental Health

NYAP is an foster care, adoption and mental health agency servicing the Greater Cincinnati Area.


Everybody needs a family. Strong family support makes all the difference. We build families to empower lives.

Parental Hope, Inc.
Parental Hope, Inc.
PO Box 42570 Cincinnati OH 45242
Parental Hope, Inc. raises infertility awareness and provides emotional and financial support to hopeful couples battling infertility.

Infertility affects 13.5% of all married, childless women and 1 out of 8 married couples. Those individuals battling infertility not only face not only an emotional journey, but a financial journey as well. Unfortunately, only 8 states (not including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) have an insurance mandate that requires employers to include IVF coverage in their health plans. As a result, 85% of infertility patients are self-pay. Parental Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to raise infertility awareness and provide financial assistance to those battling infertility. Parental Hope has an exclusive partnership with the Institute for Reproductive Health in Cincinnati, Ohio (IRH) to support its mission to alleviate the financial burden of IVF by awarding the Parental Hope Family Grant. Parental Hope is a 100% voluntary organization (no salaries!) to ensure as much money raised and contributed to Parental Hope is given to those individuals who need it the most.