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Big Box Ad

Size: 300 x 250 pixels
Acceptable File Formats: jpg, .png, .gif, code
Must Provide: 1 link

Example: Look to the right hand side of this screen. Big Box ads appear on the sidebar under “From our Sponsors”

Monthly Rate: $395

Banner Ad

Size: 728 x 90 pixels
Acceptable File Formats: jpg, .png, .gif, code
Must Provide: 1 link

Example: Look at the top of this page. The ad next to the Cincinnati Parent logo is the Banner ad.

Monthly Rate: $595

Must Provide:

  • Title
  • 3-5 paragraphs recommended
  • 1 Featured Image, Size 750 x 500 pixels recommend
  • Includes Facebook “shout-out” to our 29,200+ Followers


  • Sub-title
  • 1-2 extra photos for body of article
  • MPP Tip: Images without many words typically are better for the featured image.


Rate: $395

Our weekly e-newsletter is delivered to our 14,500 subscribers every Thursday. It contains a sponsored intro, top weekend picks and a popular weekly contest.


Weekly Intro
• Title
• Intro Paragraph, 100 words max
• 1 Image, Size: 200 x 300 pixels
Rate: $295/week

Banner Ad (600 X 70 px)
This is the banner ad located at the top of the e-newsletter.

Rate: $395

Big Box Sponsor Box (300 X 250 px)
This is located at the bottom left hand side of the e-newsletter next to our popular weekly contest.
Rate: $195

Sponsor the weekly e-newsletter contest (also mentioned in subject line of email). Sponsor must include prize/tickets.
Rate: $195

Reach our 29,200+ Facebook Followers with a special message from your company. This will be a boosted post to broaden the reach.

Must Provide:
• 1-2 sentence Max
• Facebook Page Link
• 1 Additional Link
• 1 Image, 1200 x 626 pixels recommended
MPP Tip: Images without many words typically work better on FB.

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Cincinnati Parent – 29,200+ Followers
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Cincinnati Magazine – 25,100 Followers
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Cincinnati Moms Collective – 20,300 Followers

Rate: $195

A Multi Advertiser eBlast is an e-blast that is sent out to the Cincinnati Parent subscription list (approx. 14,500 subscribers). Each e-blast has a theme and is made up of multiple advertisers keeping the price low.

CLICK HERE for an example of a Multi Advertiser eBlast.

Upcoming Multi Advertiser eBlasts

Birthday Party: June 16, 2020
Preschools : July 21, 2020 & Decemeber 8, 2020
Enrichment/ After School Activities: August 11, 2020
Fall Fun: TBD
Local Gift Guide: November 23, 2020

You may purchase a dedicated eBlast that we will send to our 14,500 e-newsletter subscribers. We have a maximum limit of four dedicated eBlasts per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday). eBlasts may be reserved for the date of your choice based on availability.

Size: 600 x 800 pixels artwork. Larger files will be resized to 600 pixels wide.
Must Provide:
• 1 Link
• 1 Subject Line; 60-70 characters recommended.


Rate: $495