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Blue Manatee has found a new owner! The beloved bookstore will reopen very soon

Blue Manatee

This just in: Blue Manatee has found a new owner!

In December, the beloved bookstore announced it would be closing if a new owner wasn’t found by Jan. 14. Today, Blue Manatee announced on Facebook that a new owner had been found!

Blue Manatee received over 160 responses, ranging “from curious one-liners to heartfelt e-novellas, from idealistic college students, retired or current teachers and librarians, parents, grandparents, doctors, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, philanthropists, activists, friends, families, and bibliophiles, and one particularly passionate 7.5-year-old who would have been my choice if it weren’t for labor laws (thanks, Charlie Dickens).”

The managers identified 6 finalists for formal interviews, and just selected someone to take over. The Facebook announcement said that final details are still being determined, and to stay tuned for a formal announcement naming the new owner(s).

The store will close in the meantime in order to restock and (re)assemble its “ManaTeam,” with a tentative reopen date TBD (but “soonish,” they promised).

This is great news and we are excited to see what the future holds for Blue Manatee!
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