Where Are We Going Today

Every morning, before the sun comes up and the coffee's been made, my son wakes up and asks: "Where are we going today, mommy?" I wipe the sleep from my eyes, chug a few sips of coffee, and formulate a plan. This blog chronicles our adventures as we explore the giant playground we call Cincinnati. Where are we going today? Read on to find out!
Sarah McCosham

Sarah is a yoga practicing, mostly vegan, coffee chugging, Jack White-loving, stay-at-home-mom to three kids 4 and under in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since leaving the corporate world in 2011, she’s worked as a freelance writer for several local organizations, including Cincinnati Parent and Indy’s Child, and is currently a contributor at Daily Mom. A few facts about Sarah:

Except for two very cold years spent getting her Master’s in Detroit, she’s lived in Cincinnati her whole life. She grew up in Milford and attended Xavier for college.

She currently lives in Montgomery with husband Tony, and three kids: 4-year-old son Julian, 2-year-old daughter Mary, and 10-month-old son Harvey. All three kids are named after the Beatles!

She loves the Reds, Graeter’s, Cincinnati Zoo, Ault Park and the Cincinnati Public Library. However, she’s never tried Skyline Chili — and doesn’t plan on it!