Second Childhood

Second Childhood Jamie Diersing
Jamie Diersing

After 17 years of designing and writing communications for corporate clients across the country, Jamie left the boardroom for greener and more creatively-fulfilling pastures. She co-founded the paper goods company, Egg2Cake, in 2010, which puts to work her relentless urge to observe and preserve, as well as a deep love for wordplay and writing.
Jamie has lived in Boston and Los Angeles and currently resides in her hometown of Cincinnati with her husband and daughter, because she wholeheartedly believes an important part of childhood is to be spoiled by grandparents and extended family. Friends and family think of her as an experience agent, always on the hunt for the next adventure or found keepsake. Jamie is an avid collector of too many things, most notably, a sand collection retrieved from around the world. She enjoys traveling, writing, photography, running, gardening, the great outdoors and throwing one heck of a party. You can read more about her daily finds and musings at

ABOUT MY BLOG: Hi, there! Welcome to Second Childhood, a blog that highlights the opportunities we have as parents to experience a richer life as seen through the eyes of our children. Some experiences are new and some are sweet reminders or inspired reinventions from our past but all serve to enrich and amplify adult life. Enjoy!