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Erica Leggiero
Erica Leggiero

Erica is a Cincinnati transplant from New Orleans, La. She is a lover of God, hot tea, tulips, stacks of books, essential oils, relaxing baths, and doesn’t do nearly enough yoga or get as many massages as she’d like. Since relocating to Cincinnati with her husband and son, she got her Master’s degree in Reading Education, and is now a preschool teacher at the Countryside YMCA | Landen location. She’s been a preschool blogger since 2013, and firmly believes that it is through play that children learn the best and make sense of the world around them. Here are a few fun facts about Erica:

The first time she saw snow was in 2012 after moving to Cincinnati. It was much different than the cold, muddy slush that New Orleans called “snow.” She still to this day stands by the window in awe of the beauty of the white stuff.

She currently lives in Morrow with her husband, 8 year old son, 2 dogs: Sprinkles and Evie, 2 hermit crabs, 1 African tree frog, and a few dust bunnies. She is in love with her circus.

She is growing to love the city of Cincy, loves the Museum Center, Cincinnati Zoo, Skyline Chili (her hubby is so proud), and is a huge Reds fan, even attending her first opening day parade last year, however she will never, ever root for the Cincinnati Bengals. She’ll forever say “Who Dat!”